Tara Ruschell

Business Development Intern

Throughout life, counseling has always been something that saved my life. I have worked
countless hours in counseling to become the person I am today, and to believe in myself and be
confident in who I am. Life gets hard, and if you don’t have someone to rely on or a community
you can turn to, it can be extremely tough. I know how much counseling has helped me and I
want to be able to give that same resource to others. When life becomes stressful, dark, hard,
having someone you can trust and turn to is important.

Tara is a current senior at Biola University in Southern California. She is pursuing a Bachelor of
Arts in Psychology with a minor in Social Work. Tara is focusing her further education in her
masters program of social work with a clinical focus. With her master’s degree she hopes to
support children and teens with anxiety and depression, she also wants to work in the field of
foster care to support children and ensure they are being placed in safe homes.

Tara’s goal at the end of her education is to support each and every person on an individual level.
She believes that each person deserves a chance to speak their mind and feel how they want to
feel. She wants to give you the space to do that freely and without judgment. Tara wants to help
you feel like you again. Tara knows life can get busy and life can get hard, but everyone deserves
to believe in themselves and grow everyday.