In today’s hyper-connected and highly demanding world, there are increasing expectations placed on everyone to manage all of it well. Between work emails, looming deadlines, finding time for children and their activities, health issues, or any other number of demands. The bottom line is you probably have more on your plate than ever before and may be experiencing the impact of stress, worry, doubt, disbelief, anxiety and/or depression. Whatever symptoms you might be experiencing, they are undoubtedly unpleasant and unwelcome. However, it is important to know that you are not alone in the way you feel and that there are very practical and easy steps you can take right now to help address some of these symptoms. It all starts with a single grape.

How can a single grape help you feel more in control despite the increased demands around you? Mindful eating is perhaps the single easiest, quickest, and inexpensive way to do just that! Here’s how:

Begin by slowing your breath and quieting your mind. (Should a thought appear, simply notice it and let it pass as you go back to focusing on your breath).

Next, after a few quiet moments, hold a single grape in your hand, and as you slow your breath and allow your thoughts to pass, notice the grape. Pay attention to its color, shape, smell, texture, and anything else you can observe.

Next, place the grape in your mouth and notice the way it feels on your tongue, or against the side of your cheek. Do you notice any other sensations?

Finally, with a quiet mind, begin to chew the grape slowly. What flavors do you taste? What is the texture like? What else do you notice?


The amount of time you dedicate to this exercise is healing, even if you can only spare one minute. The point is that you did it. While a single grape may not seem life changing at first, it may allow you a much needed moment of space, peace, and silence from life’s demands.

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by client July 16, 2021

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