Caregiver Support Boise, Idaho

In an effort to support caregivers in Idaho our team of experts have come together to provide specialized counseling support for caregivers and caregiver navigators in Idaho. We recognize the challenges faced by caregivers who are providing care and support for dependent loved ones across the lifespan.  We also recognize that effectiveness in your role as a caregiver requires personal wellness, yet many caregivers are faced with managing numerous stressors related to balancing multiple life roles, maintaining patience and calm in times of crisis, grief/loss experiences, or exposure to possible vicarious trauma.
To support caregivers we have developed a counseling program to assist caregivers in managing stress, building resilience, and balancing life roles. Our professional counselors are also trained in depression, anxiety, trauma, grief, addiction, and family systems. We are available to provide telehealth services to reduce barriers for caregivers in accessing counseling services. We will also be developing small group counseling and educational groups to support Idaho caregivers.  

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caregiver with patient