Azia Zajanc

Counselor in Training (Boise State University)

“When daily life stressors occur, it is common to feel overwhelmed. My greatest passion in life is to assist in the healing needed for those that have been through any form of hardship, reuniting that person with their thriving selves. I help my clients to find those healthy perceptions of who they are and resolve relationship conflicts within marriages, couples, and friends. Aiding a client while they connect with that sense of inner peace and purpose in life can lead to a more fulfilling future.”

Azia is a counselor in training, pursuing her LPC counseling license through Boise State University. She obtained a BS in Psychology with a Minor in Family Studies and is currently a member of the Chi Sigma Lota Professional Academic Honor Society for counselor education students. Azia’s counseling approach is focused on Person-centered and includes Feminist theory and Relational-cultural theory. She supports all cultures and their beliefs. Azia has focused her studies on substance reliance and other individual mental health concerns such as identity, depression, anxiety, grief, and PTSD. She holds a Certification in Suicide Assessment and Treatment Planning, Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (SIP), Psychological First Aid (PFA), and EMDR; a healing source for those with unresolved trauma.

Azia’s overarching goal is to work with you individually by understanding your cultural values and beliefs., She will take into consideration those factors when helping to address any potentially challenging life events- and developing your own sense of direction. Creating self-growth, gaining strength, and resolving inner disturbances and supporting all cultures can be key fundamentals to healing and enhancing our positive natural abilities.