Michaela Wall

Counselor in Training (Pepperdine University)

I am a present, non-judgmental, and person-centered therapist who believes in the power of hope and healing. I use a strengths-based approach to collaborate with clients to help them build upon their skills and achieve their goals. I am passionate about helping people find their
truest selves and live their most fulfilling lives.

I am a third-year counselor in training at Pepperdine University, where I am pursuing my master’s degree in clinical counseling. I have a strong foundation in interpersonal communication, which I use to create a safe and supportive space for clients to explore their hurt, trauma, thoughts, and emotions. My belief is that everyone has the potential to heal and grow, and I use a strengths-based approach to help clients identify and build upon their own strengths. I am committed to using recovery-oriented interventions that promote resilience and
empowerment. I believe that counseling can play a vital role in helping people reach their full potential.