Sara Gourley

Counselor in Training (Idaho State University)

I respect counseling as a safe space to explore and examine parts and pieces that may feel uncomfortable and vulnerable. I view counseling through a Gestalt theory perspective, which means that as a person’s awareness grows, so does their ability to self-regulate. I believe people are the experts in their lives and have the answers within. I see self-growth and self-exploration as a lifelong journey and asking for help along the way as courageous.

As a counselor in training, Sara is trauma-informed and has experience in mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques. Sara’s clinical experience includes interning at Idaho State University’s Meridian Counseling Clinic and a private practice in Boise. Even though Sara is a counselor in training, she has years of experience working alongside people and teams as they cultivate and reach their goals.

Sara views her role as a collaborative guide, working alongside you as you learn to identify and trust your internal wisdom. In sessions, she often incorporates mindfulness, compassion, creativity, and, at times, humor. Sara works with individuals curious about making a change, including those experiencing anxiety, depression, and relationship challenges.