Shelby Mitchell, M.A. LCPC, NCC

Counselor and Psychological Evaluator

I have a passion for treating individuals struggling with grief, trauma and interpersonal challenges. Firstly, I prioritize creating a safe and supportive environment to process and understand life’s challenges. Furthermore, I value and utilize nature, creative and mindfulness based practices to promote healing and advancement in client’s lives. Some of the theories I highlight in therapeutic practice include Humanistic, Gestalt and Systematic approaches. Along with therapy services, Shelby is trained and equipped to provide psychological testing to assess for autism, ADHD, IQ, parenting capacity, personality strengths/deficits and a variety of other areas. I value community and connection as evidenced by my own community engagement as a  Red Cross volunteer, a VALEAP volunteer and a secretary for two professional organizations. 

Shelby has years of experience in treating children, adolescents, adults and geriatrics. Shelby has a passion for supporting individuals who have a history of complex trauma. Shelby is a Licensed Professional Counselor (Idaho and Virginia) and a National Certified Counselor with years of experience in treating individuals in crisis, in the community, and in outpatient office settings. Further, she has years of experience supervising and supporting counselors through. Shelby has a master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Liberty University and a bachelor’s degree with a double major in Biology and Psychology from King University. Shelby has specific training and knowledge about administering and interpreting high level psychological evaluations. 

Shelby is focused on providing psychological testing to clients who are interested in self-awareness. She has a passion for supporting clients in navigating self-discovery. Through the use of psychological testing, clients are able to better understand themselves, their strengths and areas of improvement. Psychological testing is utilized as a tool to propel clients in a direction of growth. Shelby values nature and often incorporates mindfulness interventions into treatment modalities. Shelby is trained in EMDR and loves the somatic component of strengthening the mind-body connection.