Susan Ozimkiewicz, LCPC, NCC

Clinical Supervisor

Your most natural resource is in yourself. My clinical work as a Jungian oriented depth psychotherapist is characterized by a deep respect for the unfolding of your individual life process, knowing that life experience is in constant change, complex and fluid. A depth psychotherapist collaborates with the client by working together with their wounded, rejected, neglected, abandoned, painful, emotional & fragmented parts. We build a therapeutic rapport with a trust in the process. Personal dreams and symptoms are used as healing agents.

A combination of therapeutic approaches is utilized in a session such as Jungian, Adlerian, Archetypal and Imaginal psychology. EMDR is used to work toward healing and integrating traumatic issues. My work includes accessing your personal guidance through active imagination and expressive arts therapy.

Expressive arts therapy is available for all clients. Self expression occurs through sand tray, drawing, and writing, to explore your personal healing symbols, images, and metaphors. These activities can connect you to your natural wisdom for an integrative healing process. Call (208) 378-0014 now to schedule an appointment to see Susan Ozimkiewicz.